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Music of the Canyon
Fay Kravitz

Fay Kravitz

Fine Art Artist

A Bit About Me

Fay Kravitz is best known for her acrylic, oil and pastel paintings. She creates both abstract and representational art. Her paintings, whether acrylic, oil, pastel or a combination  of mediums, reveal a love of texture, color and experimentation.  Richly layered, and with her own vocabulary of gestural marks and linear elements, her visually stimulating images strive to convey the emotional impact of her source of inspiration, which she draws from all parts of our cultural world: Joseph Campbell’s theory of mythology, the Kabbalah, archetypes, meditation, history, current events, music, film. 


Though the themes are intellectually motivated, she focuses on color and movement and often leaves the subject open to the viewer’s interpretation.


Kravitz is from originally from New York.  She has degrees in both fine art and design from Pratt Institute and Parsons School of Design. She has recently relocated from upstate New York where she was a long-time member of the Artist’s Collective of Hyde Park and the Woodstock Artists Association & Museum, to New Orleans. She is currently a member of the National Association of Women Artists and New Orleans Art Association.  Her work is in many private and public collections across the country.

Artist Statement

"Art is not what you see, but what you make others see."   Edgar Degas

My early work was based on the external world around me.  Then for a number of years I was involved in the fashion world designing accessories and illustrating fashion.  When I returned to my first love, fine art, I started with a self-examination in the “Inner Child” series. This broke the surface of my world and my several trips to Hawaii took this further by abstracting the landscapes, focusing on line and color.


As I evolved so did my work.  Inspiration comes from  books that I read, movies that I see.  Ideas about mythology, archetypes, music, even current events are valuable triggers for creative ideas.  Using color and movement, my paintings are, in their material presence, metaphors of ethereal energy.  Reaching beyond the visual, they suggest knowing unseen depths where the message hovers just below the surface and can be revealed, suddenly in an "aha" moment or by quiet contemplation.  What gives the painting a life of its own is that everyone is seeing something differently based on their own experience, and that  transports them out of their current reality to a place they have never been.


I use two approaches, one with intense preparation and planning, the other by spontaneous and intuitive action. In the first approach, I formulate a schematic which to work from and then often put the composition on my computer to rework it before I paint in the alterations. With the more intuitive approach, I reach out into the universe for a universal message; I request a meaningful something. It is something not premeditated and planned, but spontaneous, even serendipitous. Once my concept is established I am able to get in the state of flow where the composition and mark-making, color and movement are intuitive. In either approach, my underlying message is revealed as I work and the piece is finished when the message is complete.


I work in a variety of mediums.  I like the blend ability of oil paint and the intense colors available in acrylic.  Pastels provide the opportunity to paint with pure color.  I have recently started working in mixed medium with additions of sand, marble dust and other materials to enhance texture.


Nikola Tesla believed that  “Everything is energy and it's vibrating at a certain frequency.”  I am capitalizing on this idea when I present a mood. an emotion, place, and offer a thought-provoking question of our reality. I want to create images that vibrate with intensity, resonance and much more than the visual, something beyond the image.  Some paintings will resonate with you.  When the symbols and pictograms and icons offer you a rich awareness, the piece works for you.

Selected Exhibitions

April 19-May 6, 2024---New Orleans Art Association Member Show at Deutsches Haus

2015-present---National Association of Women Arts (NAWA) groups shows


Exhibizione: "Anti War"

online exhibition Jan 27- Feb 29, 2024

2019-2023---Artists Collective of Hyde Park bi-monthly exhibits for group members

April 2023---Light Space and Time Online Gallery

Nov 2022---Special Recognition 10th Annual Veterans Art Showcase

Nov 18-20, 2022---FDR Presidential Museum and Library

June 18 & 19, 2022---Poughkeepsie Open Studios, Trolley Barn

2021-2022---Woodstock Artists Association and Museum

April 22- May 22, 2022---Gallerium: "Extinction, Save the Planet"

April 15- May 15, 2022---Cultural Center of Cape Cod "Winter Magic" online and publication

July 23, 2022---Performance Art for "Wondrous" at Culinary Institute of America

April 2022---Lev Shalem Woodstock Jewish Congregation "Online Featured Artist"

2021---Carter Burden Gallery "Looking Forward" NYC, NY

Feb 2020---FusionArt: "5th Annual Artists Choice" online shows

2018---Long Island Art League "All About the Light"

Oct 2018---Apero Fine Art Catalog Online: "Color"


Oct 4-Oct 28, 2012---The Graphic Eye, Port Washington, NY

Kitty Archie, Fay Biegun and Mara Szalajda

2005---Allied Arts of America at the National Arts Club, Manhattan, NY

1997---Orange County Library, FL

Oct 1997---Winter Park Library "North Goes South"

1997---Orlando Public Library Group show with Women's Caucus for Art

1997---Women's Business Expo Art Exhibit

1994---Meridian Gallery, Sea Cliff, NY

1993---Gallery of Art, "The Art of Survival", Adelphi University, NY

1987---Nassau County Museum of Art, Roslyn, NY

All artwork is copyright protected by Fay Kravitz.

These images may not be downloaded, copied, linked to, or edited in any manner or form for use on any website, image gallery, clipart collection, printed product, or other derivative uses without express written permission from the artist.

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